Hi! I'm Max,

a software engineer who studied Software Engineering at the "Universidad de la Punta" in Argentina. I have seven years of professional experience as a backend developer, during which time I've had the privilege of working in three different countries. This experience has broadened my perspective and enriched my understanding of diverse cultures. I am fluent in Spanish and Portuguese, and proficient in English. In addition to my engineering skills, I hold certifications in data science and two AWS certifications.

Work Experience:

Software Engineer III


Dlocal is a leading fintech company that provides cross-border payments, connecting global merchants with emerging markets. It operates in 40 emerging markets around the world and processes millions of transactions annually.

My responsibilities:

  • Development and maintenance of the payment API platform: As a backend developer at dLocal, I played a key role in the development and maintenance of our unique API platform that integrates various payment methods. This involved working with various database systems, optimizing the performance of the API, ensuring transaction security, creating new tools for customers, etc.
  • Integration of new payment methods and markets: I actively contributed to the expansion of our platform to new emerging markets, integrating various payment methods and adapting our platform to the regulations and specific requirements of each country.
  • I leverage a wide array of technologies and tools, including golang, mysql, sns, sqs, git, docker, newRelic, APIs, OpenSearch, cloudFormation, EC2, S3, KINESIS, ECS, docker, and more, to accomplish these tasks

Tead Leader

Mercado Livre

Mercadolibre processes more than 2 million purchases per day, mercadolibre is the largest company in LATAM, during 2021 the payments API processed U$D 44 Billions

My responsibilities:

  • Migrations: I have spearheaded the migration of various APIs to new technology stacks, ensuring efficiency and modernization of our systems.
  • Business Intelligence: I conduct studies on errors and seek business improvement opportunities, utilizing tools like Tableau and Teradata to analyze and visualize data.
  • External Integrations: As part of my work on an open API platform, I collaborate with different integrators across LATAM, aiding in the creation of new features as well as their adaptation to specific needs.
  • Maintenance and Development: I am responsible for the maintenance and development of features in the core payments API, as well as supporting SLAs, KPIs, safety standards, among others.
  • Microservices and Team Verticalization: I facilitate the vertical growth of the team by creating microservices, allowing for increased efficiency and scalability in our operations
  • I leverage a wide array of technologies and tools, including Oracle, Hibernate, Spring, Groovy, Grails, Java, Golang, Python, AWS, ElasticSearch, REST APIs, Git, Jenkins, Docker, BI, Tableau, DataDog, NewRelic, JMeter, CloudFormation, Messaging platforms, Lambda, RabbitMQ, IAM, EC2, S3, Kinesis, and more, to accomplish these tasks

Software Engineer


RunaID is a diversified, customer-centric software factory that creates customized software solutions,

My responsibilities:

  • Comprehensive Website Development: I have developed full-stack websites for various companies, managing each project from its conception to production launch.
  • Cloud Deployment Experience: I have used Heroku Cloud for the deployment and management of applications, which has provided our clients with the flexibility and scalability necessary to grow and adapt in a constantly evolving business environment.
  • I leverage a wide array of technologies and tools, including MySQL, Oracle, groovy, grails, java, Angular, css, bootstrap, javascript, jquery, git, heroku cloud, and more, to accomplish these tasks.